About Us

Softronics Development is a product development company founded in May 2014. We provide offshore development and consulting services to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to increase production agility and streamline processes. We aim to help companies reduce their time to market their product/services by giving an effective solution. We are a dedicated team of product hardware and software developers that can act as your virtual department.

Softronics Development’s cross-functional team enjoys working with system integration and projects that require multi-faceted skills. We offer different product development services including Software, Hardware, Firmware design, development and integration.

While there are already lots of embedded system consulting businesses, only a few standout. We aspire to be one of those. That’s why we don’t only want to deliver products. we also make sure that each of them is deploy successfully.


To be a development company best known for its transparency, user-friendly solutions, and exceptional human capital


To design products and/or software that will engage customers and improve the marketing of our partner companies


Commit the highest standard of quality, Provide transparent services to the business partners, and nurture excellent human capital

Software Development Services

We offer development of powerful software that will cater any of your demand. Our teams of experts’ aims deliver successful solutions that are within your timeframe and budget while perfectly meeting your requirements. Softronics provides a full-scale of customized software development services that’s in line with your business goals. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

Industrial IOT (IIOT) Application

Connecting the sensors, devices and machines in the physical world to the Internet creates multiple new digital opportunities for industries. Softronics has knowledge and skills to help you achieve that. We partner with our customers to identify IOT needs that add value to their business.

Intelligence & Analytics

Businesses that capture and analyze data will gain a clear advantage. We offer data mining, analytical processing, and reporting services. Solution we make give our clients the insight they need to do better business.

Digitizing Services

We understand every business has different process and so keeping that in mind we create a solution that will adapt your business process. We provide a tailored solution that creates audit trails, improves accessibility to information, implements electronics workflow and visualize process.

ERP Integration

Is your ERP limiting what you would like to do? Please let us help you create custom application to surpass the limitations of your off-the-shelf systems. We can bring custom integrating capabilities to any capable third party system, database so you can utilize data already available.

Migration Services

We aim to understand your business and highlight what makes you stand out from your competitors. We then apply our migration services to transform your application into something more advanced and modernized.

Custom Application

If you are looking to develop something that does not fall into the above category, we can still help you. Just let us know your requirements and we will be more than happy to help you mold your vision into an application that you would sell or an application that you could use internally.

Electronics Product Development

Our team has the capability and expertise to take complete ownership of your requirement from concept to implementation. Our services range from creating prototype to complete product development which requires hardware design, firmware development, quality testing and manufacturing support.

We have in house infrastructure with state of art tools and Equipment’s which include but not limited to Power Supply, Soldering Station, Hot Air Convection, Multi-meter, Multiple Channel Data logger and Environmental Chamber having temp range of -20 to +60 & 10-90%Rh, etc.

Our Team

“Great products built by great engineering teams working under great culture—you can find it here.”

A successful product is the end-result of the combined effort of cross-functional team members working together to achieve a common goal. Our young yet experienced team works with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity needed to build new generation of products. Each of us has a strong skill set needed to bring the solution you desire.

He has many years of experience developing Firmware and Application for Safety industry and worked for a company where the culture is “Family First”. The first one taught him the importance of work and the latter changed his perception about a good working environment. His initial experience working in a research lab that has helped him thinks innovatively. His 14 years of experience in the US has helped him create this new offshore development center in India and equipped him with the right skills and attitude to face all challenges along the way.

Virendra Shah

Sr. Development Engineer (Hardware)

He has more than 14 years of experience in the Embedded Systems—Hardware design and Low-level Software. His previous experiences include assisting manufacturing, designing new products, providing technical support, and leading a development team.His knowledge about intrinsically safe circuit design and making products that’ll be approved by a certifying agency is greatly valuable.He intends to share his commendable skills to make a lasting difference and help clients across the globe.

Utpal Patel

Development Engineer (Software)

He has completed his Masters in Computer Science. He is known for his passion for new technology and his eagerness to take any kind of challenge even it means working on weekend or overtime. He’s an expert in programming but he will do whatever it takes to achieve rich and user-friendly UI. His morning starts with playing cricket for an hour and reading technological evolution at the end of the day.

Meet Raval

Development Engineer (Web)

Though the youngest of the team, he does not fall behind in terms of skills. His expertise lies in web technologies, which completes the team’s alliance. He has working knowledge of web design, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WPF, Microsoft SQL Server, MVC, Bootstrap, CSS and much more. Though a team player in nature, he is not afraid in taking solo projects. He is also humorous and has continually kept the working environment light yet productive.

Jignesh Patel

Development Engineer (Firmware)

He is a firmware developer having experience of different microcontroller architectures. He has extensive experience on board bring up, firmware development, and supporting existing firmware. He is known for his inclination to be detail-oriented, which greatly helps him create high quality firmware. Even though he has a shy nature, he neither hesitates to take responsibility for his action nor hesitate in participating in brainstorming sessions.

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If you know problem exist in your system, you already solved 50% of problem. Let us help you solve rest of 50%.

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